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Website Powering Overview

Website Powering - Property Search Engine

Proptech, data and integrations experts

Use any Web Developer and CMS

We assist any Developer you choose with versatile Website Powering APIs and Webhooks etc

Leading-edge Functionality

Utilising the flexible ListOnce APIs including 'ExtraFields' for your unique listing display requirements

CRM and Proptech agnostic

We integrate with all Sales CRMs, P/M platforms and other proptech suppliers

Integrations Hub

ListOnce integrates with everything as your essential 'data plumbing'

Fast, reliable and secure

Now over 7 million listings processed and displayed on hundreds of high-traffic websites and portals

Support & Helpdesk

Competent and efficient, Australian-based Support staff for your team


REIP members receive a 10% discount on ListOnce services,
plus free ‘AdTracker’ (see brief product video below).

Noting also that REIP membership is free for all agencies.

We’ve been using ListOnce Website Powering within our websites for many years now due to its flexibility and versatility in how we want to display and utilise listings data on our website. The ListOnce team are proficient and keep enhancing their products and integrations for the benefit of our agents and customers

Jamie Owen
COO, Nelson Alexander

Website Powering APIs

  • Any size/design website powered by the ListOnce property search engine APIs with all your own branding
  • Leading-edge functionality including full property search criteria, property results, property details page, email a friend, contact an agent, property alerts etc.
  • ListOnce works seamlessly with your preferred website Content Management System (CMS), including office and agent updates, testimonials, newsletters, feature listings etc
  • Customisable Stocklists, Property Slideshow, Interactive Floorplans, Advertising/listing metrics and reporting etc
  • Bullet-proof reliability providing you with peace of mind with regard to your website listings and functionality
  • Dedicated, Australian-based Help Desk support ph 1300 655 448 or
  • Low, monthly flat fee for unlimited listings
  • We have deployed ListOnce for numerous large franchise groups, prestige/boutique groups and independents
  • Maximum flexibility - our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) ensure all other elements of your website(s) work together seamlessly, no matter who builds and maintains your site eg. your website is state-of-the-art, risk and future-proof

Premium Portal Multiloading

  • Save considerable time and money, and reach more prospects with our industry award-winning, CRM-agnostic, single data entry Multiloading to all major portals, any websites and other suppliers
  • Multiload an unlimited number of listings (any type) to an unlimited number of portals (including several free portals we set-up for you) and other required destinations - any time of the day
  • Unlimited Residential, Commercial and Business listings
  • Bullet-proof reliability regarding your uploading and reporting, providing you with peace of mind
  • Custom branded and automated ‘AdTracker’ alerts for all listing stakeholders
  • Consolidated leads and error reporting for the major portals
  • Leads Management module including integration with all major CRMs and Property Management platforms
  • Flexibility in the utilisation of your listings and Sold data
  • Dedicated, Australian-based Help Desk support ph 1300 655 448 or
  • Low, monthly flat fee for unlimited listings
  • We have deployed ListOnce for numerous large franchise groups, prestige/boutique groups and independents

Dataflow Solutions

  • You can enjoy the benefits of ListOnce Premium Multiloading and/or Website Powering APIs whilst using any CRM or Property Management software of your choice eg. we provide seamless integration with any industry suppliers
Dataflow Diagram

Website Design & Development

  • We know how critical a great website is for the marketing success of any company, but particularly for property companies and real estate agencies who rely so heavily on effective digital marketing for enquiries and lead generation
  • WebIT are undisputed experts in property and real estate website design, development and maintenance, with over 20 years specifically serving the Australian industry. We have built over 150 websites and several high-traffic portals. View our portfolio
  • Leading-edge development, functionality and responsive design (automatically re-sizes for all devices)
  • Including Content Management System (CMS), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Integration (SMI)
  • Custom and template options to suit your needs and budget
  • The best, competitive prices, from the most experienced real estate website developers in the industry

Some examples of our award-winning Website work;

Individual Property Websites (IPWs)

  • Individual Property Websites (IPWs) allow you to showcase a single property with its own website address (URL)
  • Stand-out from the crowd in your vendor/buyer marketing by utilising this incredibly cost-effective and unique marketing strategy
  • Single click automation allows you to set-up your new IPW in just minutes
  • Custom and template options to suit your needs and budget
  • Drive your SEO, digital marketing and social media marketing activities with our unique methodologies
  • Clear and simple IPW statistics and results reports

Individual Agent Websites (IAWs)

  • Individual Agent Websites (IAWs) are a critical digital marketing tool for personal branding, local content, social media integration, communications and lead generation
  • Contemporary and unique, custom designs, using corporate brand guidelines
  • Integration with corporate website
  • Leading-edge functionality including ListOnce APIs
  • WordPress Content Management System (CMS) optional, including training
  • Dedicated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to drive website traffic
  • Clear and simple reporting via Google Analytics
  • Optional Google Ads, Facebook advertising and Retargeting - professionally planned and managed with you
  • Corporate discount pricing available on IAWs

Some examples of our leading-edge IAWs:

Page Builder

  • Create an unlimited number of high resolution, print quality PDFs in just minutes - for your brochures, flyers, property cards, DLs, signboards, multi-page booklets, newspaper advertisements, e-newsletters, e-mags etc
  • Unique, fast and incredibly simple ‘WYSIWYG’ drag-n-drop functionality
  • Take back control of your print production quality, timelines and costs
PageBuilder example A4

High-Traffic Portals

  • WebIT are undisputed experts in developing, launching and maintaining high-traffic real estate portals, utilising the ListOnce state-of-the-art portal software
  • Can be customised and deployed quickly and efficiently
  • Highly proficient, Australian-based Technical and Help Desk services optional

Some examples of our leading-edge portal work;

Monthly Service Agreements (MSAs)

  • Our Monthly Service Agreements (MSAs) allow you to nominate a set amount of retained hours per week/month, in line with your tasks, projects and budget
  • We then provide our specialist design, development and technical maintenance services with:
    • highest priority service e.g. you always ‘jump the queue’ and/or receive critical incident response times
    • highly qualified and experienced developers (both front-end and back-end)
    • priority service KPIs
    • flexibility to scale-up or scale-down your hours
    • preferential, discounted rates

Website Hosting

  • Bullet-proof reliability and ‘up-time’ for over 100 current customers of all sizes
  • For larger, multi-office and franchise accounts we scope and quote on your specific traffic, speed and hosting requirements
  • For larger accounts we can provide Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server solutions
  • Optional Staging and Testing Servers for increased risk management and business continuity

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility and ranking of a website or web page in search engines i.e. you absolutely need to rank highly on Google
  • We’re experts in providing analysis and development work with regard to Structural & Technical SEO
  • An initial review by our specialists can provide you with an SEO Analysis Report, with issues and recommendations
  • We can then provide ongoing SEO refinement on a monthly basis, in line with the ever-evolving nature of Google penalties and incentives
  • A monthly SEO Summary Report including Google Analytics (GA) and will ensure your website remains as prominent as possible

Help Desk

  • We provide a highly proficient, Australian-based help desk for all of our ListOnce customers
  • In addition, we also provide Level 1 and Level 2 Help Desk services on a outsourced, contracted basis to our clients eg. to facilitate your own, professional help desk

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